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The best stuff’s ahead of me

You’ll hopefully find a nice variety of work here, between film reviews, features, and lists, satire articles, and even older personal essays I’m embarrassed by!  

This lot is heavy on the film lists – I enjoy diving into old genre films and putting people onto fantastic obscurities they may otherwise never find.  You certainly can’t go wrong with the evergreen list, either.  Multiple of these lists are in the top 5 Google search results for their respective subjects, which is neat.

A mix of recent horror reviews, retrospectives, and features I use as an excuse to praise obscure old comedy and genre films.

I’ve strayed from the rap writing, but these are old lists and features from past years (contain your excitement, now.)

I’ve grown astronomically since writing these essays, as a writer and a person.

If anything they’re time capsules I sort of shiver at just skimming, but they’re published out there on the net forever.  I was transparent and honest to the point of strange then, as I still slightly am now.

Why Online Friends Are The Best Friends

How Do I Find Purpose In My Life

What I’ve Learned From Choosing Sobriety Over Friendships

The Best Years Of Your Life Don’t Exist, Trust Me


The best stuff’s ahead of me

You’ll hopefully find a pleasant variety of writing I’ve done for different outlets. You may notice it’s heavy on the lists, and that’s purely because I find thrill in compiling art I love into fun resources so others may find great films, shows, or artists they may not have otherwise (and I’m often too excited to break down just one film or show at a time.)

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