A bit about me

Michael Gursky is a longtime writer, entertainment journalist, and veteran online content creator who’s slightly uncomfortable writing in the third person.  Though Michael leans more towards the comedic, entertaining side of writing and creating, he’s skilled and experienced in various realms beneath the umbrella of “Publishing Communications,” from technical copywriting to novel editing and much in between.   

Alright, enough of that writing about me as if I’m not me stuff. 

Let’s work!  I’d be thrilled to craft your copy, contribute to your blog, write you some jokes, or spice up your content.

Cute, Concise Timeline of Accomplishments, Both Creative And Otherwise


Regularly contributing film reviews, features, and lists to popular entertainment outlets like MovieWeb, Decider, and Dread Central. Currently contributing to satirical publication The Hard Times

Pivoted to client-based copywriting and PR work with a digital marketing agency. Wrote site and guest article copy for clients across a variety of niches; performed PR and link-building duties that included writing email marketing campaigns and pitching clients to podcasts and blog round-ups.

Wrote numerous high-ranking film lists in the realm of horror and comedy for different outlets (a couple of which are #1 Google Search results!)

Faced Cold Hard Reality

Graduated from DeSales University with a Bachelor’s in Publishing Communications and minor in Creative Writing (sexy)

Contributed film lists, humor articles, and personal essays to ThoughtCatalog, which accumulated over 2 million reads

Contributed multiple trending articles to Funny Or Die while writing a pop culture column for university paper.

Sprouted my first chest hair (originally noticed in Arby’s bathroom.)

At the age of 16, selected to be among the first crop of YouTube Partners, or paid content creators.

Born severely premature and underweight

That’s what it comes down to, you know?

Throughout this timeline I also experienced personal growth.  That’s what it comes down to, you know?  Additionally I worked over 9 years in customer service and sales roles, because one needs to in order to survive while writing (and I do love communication, conversation, and genuine connection.)

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